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Naples Florida Kiteboarding

Naples Beach - Marco island - Cape Romano - Islamorada - Tiger tail

kiteboarding school and retailers 


Collier county ( Naples-Marco island) kiteboarding launch areas

 From the beginning of kiteboarding in Naples fl, the kite boarding community in Naples put their own rules and regulations to protect the privilege to kite and keep the access open for kiteboarders.

Through the years new comers to the sport and reckless kite boarders have been disregarding these rules and doing anything they please, kite boarding on any beach or in any park they want to which is endangering our privilege to kite and putting the general public in danger.

Let us please stick together as a kiteboarding community and kite in our designated areas so we can continue to kite and have fun in Naples

Naples downtown 2 ave North

  • 2 ave North Naples downtown , wind direction you need for these launching areas , s ,sw ,w, wnw, nw, north

  • showers- yes
  • bathroom-no
  • food - no
  • parking - yes - you need to pay
  • launch down wind of public
  • keep your distance from shore
  • respect the right of way rules
  • Beginners need to be with supervision

Local kiteboarders protect this location - posted on line since 2003

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Kite Launch Parking lot 5

This park is the busiest park in Naples florida , it is always full of residence and tourist , on a weekend you have to be at the gate by 8 am or you can forget getting in, this park used to be a no kite boarding zone but in the last year people have kited there and no one has kicked them out , even though kiters have not been thrown out this is not a beginners kiting or teaching spot ,there are too many obstacles close to shore trees, mangroves , boat traffic ,land fisherman ,lots of strong current and riptides . not a recommended kiteboarding spot.wind direction you need for this launching area, south ,sw ,w, wnw, nw,

  • showers- yes
  • bathroom- yes
  • food - yes- in short walking distance
  • parking - yes - you need to pay
  • launch down wind of public
  • keep your distance from shore
  • respect the right of way rules
  • no teaching
  • dont kite on the pass
  • dont kite over fisherman lines
    posted on line since 2004 - reviewed 2017

vanderbuilt beach

  • NO kiteboarding , 0 Tolerance 

posted on line since 2004 / 2018

barefoot beach :Bonita Springs

 Once you are into the park walk to the beach, on the beach turn to the left pass the second house and you can launch there, this spot is small and has a lot of shells,wind direction you need for this launching area, sse , s ,sw ,w, wnw, nw,

  • showers- yes
  • bathroom- yes
  • food - yes- in short walking distance
  • parking - yes - you need to pay
  • launch down wind of public
  • keep your distance from shore
  • respect the right of way rules
  • no teaching

posted on line since 2004-reviewed 2018

Lowdermilk Beach Park

Lowdermilk park ,please dont launch on this beach, this beach is all ways full of locals residence and tourists.

0 Tolerance

please dont kiteboard from this beach thanks.

update 2018

Florida beaches kicking out kiteboarding

Serious problem for all kiteboarders

In the past three years kiteboarding has become a very popular sport in Florida and we have many new kiteboarders but at the same time authorities have been closing down beach after beach on the east coast of florida for kiteboarding , now this problem has come to the west coast of florida also.

One place that has come under the gun is Sarasota, the fka and local shops and schools have been working very hard not to let this happen, Fort Myers has also had one of its key spots for launching closed and another spot is now in danger of being closed down( if it hasn’t already)

Why are all the beaches being closed for kiteboarding?

The main reason is reckless kiteboarders who have no respect for rules or regulations and don’t give a dame, these guys are putting families in danger of being hurt and have no respect for rules whatever and kite wherever they please.

Please kite in the designated areas of your local cities and please respect other kiteboarders and the people on the beach after all the beach also belongs to them.

The other problem out there today is instructors, just because you are given an instructors diploma does not give you the right to teach anywhere you please, first of all we should all respect other schools, stores and other instructors and not teach in their area, we should make sure we are in a kiting spot and respect all the rules and regulations of that beach, we should always respect local authorities ( don’t argue with them) and the most important thing of all make sure you are teaching your student in the proper fashion.

Unfortunately some instructors are not doing their job, they are too busy trying to make money so they are giving half arsed lessons and selling cheap, improper gear, this is giving instructors a bad name , believe it or not some instructors really love kiteboarding and love to teach and have put everything they have into teaching with all their heart . Some of these guys have stores and have been doing this for years and the reason we will still have access to some beaches is because of these guys if we as a kiteboarding community don’t stick together and stop these guys we will have nowhere to kite, something has got to be done because we will all lose our kiting privileges Just because of a few people who don’t want to follow the rules